These testimonials are portions of letters sent by clients
that were not requested by the Law Firm or Attorney.

Attorney Mark Feather defended me in my criminal trial against the State of Florida. I had police and family testifying against me. Mark Feather was able to turn things around during his cross examination. He had a great plan. His closing argument was brilliant, making the prosecutor look foolish.

I was found not guilty in 5 minutes. Mark Feather is an excellent attorney.

     Chad Nygren

You are a great man and lawyer - Praise God!
Thanks for your superb representation...

Kevin I.

I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for everything you did. It truly eased my mind just knowing you were there.

I appreciate the fact that you were calming and reassuring, always frank and honest, yet compassionate and concerned...
With the utmost gratitude.


You did an excellent job keeping me out of prison.

Paul M.